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Picture Window

Picture windows are similar to fixed windows, but what exactly is the difference? Why might you want a picture window in your home? If you’re looking for views of your local area that are wide and unobstructed, picture windows may be just the trick! Read on to find out this, and more.

How much does a picture window cost?

The first question on your mind is probably: How much are picture windows going to cost me? In the following table, find average price ranges (not including VAT or installation) for picture windows in various sizes:

Window size (mm)Price range
600 x 1000£200 - £400
900 x 1000£400 - £750
1000 x 1200£800 - £1,200

Replacement picture windows could cost from as little as £150 to replace to over £1,000 depending on the size of the opening.

picture window

The price of your picture window will depend greatly on:

  • The type of glass you choose
  • The frame material
  • The size of the window
  • The placement of the window

To find out more about windows and their costs, you can read our article on the subject here.

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What is a picture window?

A picture window is a non-opening window with a wide pane of clear glass. That means that there is one single pane of glass that allows for an unobstructed view to the outside.

They are meant to bring more light and offer spectacular, wide and unobstructed views. Picture windows are best placed where you’d like to enjoy the view to the outdoors.

picture window

How to replace a picture window

Replacing a window yourself is never advised unless you have experience with it – it’s a tricky and dangerous process that is best left to the professionals.

However, you can learn more about window replacement here.

If you want to replace a picture window, contact a professional.

Difference between a fixed and a picture window

What is the difference? Here are the main points that differentiate a fixed window from a picture window:

Fixed windows have thicker frames and are built to match other windows that open for a contemporary look. They add light and should match the rest of the windows for symmetry at a lower price (they are cheaper than opening windows). They may also contain multiple panes and dividing lines.

Picture windows are more for decoration – their thinner frames offer a beautiful clear view to the outside. Window installers place them where there is a lovely view to the outside. Picture windows use a single pane of glass to offer unobstructed views.

picture window

Why buy a picture window?

Here are some of the advantages that a new picture window could bring to an underappreciated wall in your home:

  • Natural beauty

The incredible wide-reaching and unobstructed views offered by picture windows mean that you will enjoy the beauty of your garden and natural environment even more than before.

  • Cheaper to maintain

There is no opening mechanism to picture windows, so they require less maintenance. For uPVC frames, a simple soap wash from time to time will suffice.

  • Good insulation

Since picture windows don’t open, they are less likely to fail. This means that the double or triple glazing is less likely to fog up and leak energy, while at the same time bringing more light and lovely views.

  • Natural lighting

If you’ve got a gloomy corner you’d like a little more light in, a picture window might be just the trick. Take advantage of the morning or evening sun with an extra wide opening to let it all in.

  • Avoid allergens

No opening? No hay fever! If someone in your family suffers from seasonal allergies, you may want to equip their room with a picture window so they get light but none of the pollen.

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