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Timber Windows

Curious about timber windows and their associated costs? Get all the information you need to make an informed decision for your home. Which is better, timber or uPVC? What about aluminium? Scroll down to find out more!

How much do timber windows cost?

Timber windows are more expensive than uPVC but cheaper than aluminium – on average! Of course, prices vary greatly according to a number of different factors that you can find out about here. However, if you want to know how much timber windows could cost you, here is a breakdown of the average prices:

Dimensions (mm) Casement Wooden Window + VATSash Wooden Window + VAT
600 x 900£875£1,300
900 x 1200 £1,500£1,900

If you want to know about each of these two common window types, you can find more information here:

Casement Windows

Sash Windows

If you’re interested to learn more about different window materials, you can get more information here:

uPVC Windows 

Aluminium Windows

Get quotes for timber windows: reviews and profiles will help you decide

It’s understandable to be a bit confused when it comes to buying new timber windows – there are so many different options available to you and finding them can be frustrating. We’d like to help you out with that by providing a quick and easy way for you to get quotes. Fill in our secure online form here, and get up to 4 quotes from local window companies within a couple of days. You’ll be able to compare their profiles and reviews so you can make the best choice. It’s obligation and cost-free, so why not try it out!

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Timber windows vs uPVC

Here, you can compare the price of one timber window vs other window materials. This does not include VAT or installation costs, so your final price could vary. This is to give you an idea of what to expect.

600 x 900 Window Prices (incl. installation + VAT)

Framing material / Window styleSashCasement
Wood£1,450 – £1,570£850 – £900
uPVC£480 – £690£250 – £340
Aluminium≅ £1,400£550 – £800

Want to know whether you should choose timber or uPVC windows? Here is a table that compares common pros and cons of each window material:

Timber Windows

uPVC Windows

Stays perfect with proper upkeepRequires yearly maintenanceRequires nearly no maintenanceDegrades more quickly than wood
Adds value to your propertyCosts more money upfrontAn affordable option for any homeDoes not suit period homes
Can be painted if you feel like a changeRequires some work to sand, refinish and paintCan be made to mimic woodCannot be easily painted
Have low-conductivity so energy isn’t easily transferreduPVC also does not transfer heat well - saving energy

Timber windows vs aluminium

Are you at a loss as to whether to choose timber or aluminium windows? Here, compare the price of sash and casement windows in wood and aluminium.

600 x 900 Window Prices (incl. installation + VAT)

Framing material / Window styleSashCasement
Timber£1,450 – £1,570£850 – £900
Aluminium≅ £1,400£550 – £800

Still not sure whether you should choose timber or aluminium windows? Here is a table that compares common pros and cons of each window material:

Timber Windows

Aluminium Windows

Natural touch and feel
Must be stained to be kept beautifulVery energy efficientMore expensive than uPVC
Aesthetically pleasing - especially in period homesRequires regular upkeepCan be re-finished easilyIf installed incorrectly, can be incredibly inefficient
More eco-friendly when made from reclaimed woodCosts more than other window frame materialsSlightly cheaper than timber100% recyclable but less eco-friendly than timber
Is more easily damaged than other materialsVery strong

timber window

How much does it cost to replace timber windows with aluminium?

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to know how much replacing timber windows with aluminium would cost in your particular situation.

If you have undamaged window casing within which replacement windows could be fitted, you will save money on your window replacement. However, if the entire window structure needs to be removed, and perhaps the window opening widened, your costs will significantly increase.

Aluminium is a cheaper replacement than timber, though not by a lot. If you require extra thermal insulation like triple glazing, your costs will also rise.
It is important to consider the fact that aluminium windows don’t need as much care and maintenance as timber windows do. Think about how much maintenance you want to be doing, and whether you value a period aesthetic. If you don’t mind doing the work to maintain wood and prefer the way it looks, perhaps the extra cost will be worth it.

Find out more about aluminium windows here.

timber windows

Get affordable timber windows and doors: online quotes will save you money!

Want to get the most accurate information available about timber window prices? Your best bet is to request personalised quotes from window professionals. Since there are many things at play when you get new windows, the most up to date prices are only available when you get quotes yourself. Get up to 4 quotes for free from trusted window professionals by clicking here.