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Replacement Windows

Finding the right solution for the worn windows in your home can be a difficult task. When your window frames are holding together, getting a set of replacement windows can be a cheaper and easier option than installing new windows. Here you can learn whether replacement windows are the perfect fit for your home!

How much will it cost you?

An important factor in deciding whether to replace your windows are the costs. The exact costs of your replacement windows will depend on many variables, including materials, style, size and installation. Generally, you will find three window options to choose from: uPVC windows, wooden windows and aluminium windows. Each window material has its own set of benefits and different price ranges. Below you can see the average cost per window, including VAT and installation.

Casement Window Average cost per window including materials, installation and VAT
uPVC Casement Window
£400 - £495
Wooden Casement Window
£700 - £850
Aluminium Casement Window
£750 - £950
Sash Window Average cost per window including materials, installation and VAT
uPVC Sash Window
£700 - £950
Wooden Sash Window
£1,100 - £1,500
Aluminium Sash Window
£1,200 - £1,500

For instance, you have four single pane wooden casement windows to replace to improve the comfort and energy consumption of your house. If your home leans more towards the traditional style, you can decide to maintain the aesthetics of your period house by choosing on a set of wooden replacement windows for an average total cost of £3,000. Alternatively you can save money and choose the cheaper uPVC replacement windows that have an average total cost of £1,800. These estimates are based on the size of an average window and installation costs of various window companies. Real costs vary greatly.

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What are replacement windows?

A replacement window will be installed within the existing window frame unlike a new construction window. This saves the installer the time and effort of having to remove any exterior materials like the sash and frame of the window, as well as saving money. By choosing replacement windows you can get the same energy saving benefits despite only paying around 50% of the costs of a set of new construction windows! However, if the window frame is either damaged by rot or mould or out of square, then a full-frame replacement will be your best available option.

replacement windows

How can replacement windows benefit me?

Your windows are a key element to making you feel happy and relaxed in your home. Old windows can come with many drawbacks like draughts, mould and condensation. Replacing them can be a quick way to get rid of these unsightly conditions that time brings. This decision will not only have a positive effect on your energy bill, but also on the lighting, ventilation, warmth and look of your house. You will not have to deal with the chill of draughts or suffer from outside noise. Getting your windows replaced will instantly add a great deal of comfort to your home. Plus, the 10-15 year guarantee offered by most window companies ensures that you will benefit from it for years to come.

After deciding on replacement windows, the next thing to consider is the frame material. Not only does this greatly affect the costs, each material has different characteristics that could make them ideally suited for your home.

uPVCDurable, rigid, low-maintenance, good insulation
Can degrade in high temperatures
WoodenAesthetically pleasing
Needs regular maintenance
AluminiumLow maintenance, large size
Transfers heat (without thermal break)

replacement windows

Supply only: install your windows yourself

Are you comfortable with replacing the window by yourself? In that case it might be interesting to explore the possibilities of supply only. You will save on the installation costs that you would encounter when performed by a trusted professional, but be very careful! Replacing your windows is not an everyday job and when done improperly you might end up paying a lot more. After installation it is good to check for draughts. You can do this by holding a candle up to the seams and seeing if it flickers. Another important thing to think about when replacing your windows (whether by yourself or with the help of a professional) is whether or not you need an application to do the work or not.

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