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Double Glazed Windows

Double glazing is ubiquitous throughout the UK these days, for good reason! Cheap, efficient, easy to install and readily available, this will be a great choice for people who have been living with single glazed windows. Read our article for price points and all the information you need!

How much does double glazing cost?

The number one concern people have about installing double glazing is the cost. You will be wondering how much new double glazed windows will cost you.

You can read our dedicated article on the subject here, or read on for an overview.

Thankfully we are here to provide you with a concise but comprehensive overview of how much it should cost you to install double glazing. We break down the costs by material used and give you specific price points for the most common types of windows.

uPVC windows

Pricing is for Standard A rated Windows, cost of materials and installation only.

Cost of uPVC Windows (materials + installation)

Type of homeNumber of BedroomsWindows neededExpected cost of Casement style uPVC WindowsExpected cost of Sash style uPVC Windows
Flat24 windows£1,450 - £1,700£2,400 - £3,200
Terraced25 windows£1,800 - £2,250£3,000 - £4,350
Semi-detached27 windows£2,500 - £2,800£3,700 - £5,200
Semi-detached39 windows£3,200 - £3,500£4,400 - £6,600
Detached312 windows£4,200 - £4,700£6,200 - £7,550
Detached415 windows£5,300 - £5,800£7,200 - £9,400

Wooden windows

Pricing is for wooden style double glazing windows, cost of materials and installation only.

Cost of Wooden Windows (material + installation)

Type of homeNumber of BedroomsWindows neededExpected cost of Casement style Wooden WindowsExpected cost of Sash style Wooden Windows
Flat24 windows£2,400 - £2,800£4,100 - £5,500
Terraced25 windows£2,800 – £3,050£5,150 - £5,700
Semi-detached27 windows£4,200 - £4,500£6,500 - £8,000
Semi-detached39 windows£5,500 - £6,200£7,700 - £11,500
Detached312 windows£7,850 - £8,650£9,500 – £13,600
Detached415 windows£9,350 - £10,100£12,300 - £16,000

Aluminium windows

Pricing is for aluminium style double glazing windows, cost of materials and installation only. Sash aluminium windows are very rare, so we omitted them.

Cost of Aluminium Windows (materials + installation)

Type of homeNumber of BedroomsWindows neededExpected cost of Casement style Aluminium Windows
Flat24 windows£2,400 - £2,800
Terraced25 windows£2,800 – £3,050
Semi-detached27 windows£4,200 - £4,500
Semi-detached39 windows£5,500 - £6,200
Detached312 windows£7,850 - £8,650
Detached415 windows£9,350 - £10,100

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What are double glazed windows?

Double glazing means that you fit a window space with two panes of glass instead of the traditional one. The gap between the two panes will contain either air or an inert gas such as argon to ensure a more reliable barrier against temperature fluctuations outside.

Double glazing works much the same way as a wool jumper.

Your body generates heat and as it makes its way through the jumper, the fibres of the wool are hollow and trap heat in this small air cavity which keeps you warm and cosy.

The same goes for windows. Heat escapes through single pane windows as the glass is an excellent conductor of heat, and with nothing to keep the heat in, it escapes fairly easily.

With two panes, the cold air is trapped in the inert gas (usually argon) and does not enter your home. You will feel comfortable and warm with two panes of glass between you and the great outdoors.

What are the benefits of double glazing?

  • Saving money

Heating and cooling your home is getting more and more expensive as energy prices for gas and electricity steadily rise. An average household fuel bill in 2014 was over £1,150. Get lower energy bills by replacing faulty windows with insulating double glazing.

You will increase the resell value of homes when you fit double glazed windows, with buyers demanding better insulation in new and old buildings.

  • Better for the environment

Everyone is more environmentally focused nowadays. We pay much more attention to renewable energy sources and products that waste less power. Double glazing makes your home more energy efficient, heating your home in the winter and cooling it down in the summer.

Consider this your small – but welcome – contribution to the protection of the earth. Insulate your home well with new double glazed windows.

  • Healthier living

It is common knowledge that prolonged exposure to a cold and damp environment leads to health complications in the future, especially for the very young and the elderly. With double glazing installed, homes are warmer, healthier environments to live in.

Keep your family warm and healthy with effective double glazing.

  • Listed home? No problem

Many homeowners living in heritage listed homes will know that you either cannot make changes to the existing facade or is very complicated and costly. Secondary glazing, which is similar to double glazing is an option.

You can install secondary glazing on the inside of the building without disturbing the outward appearance. Secondary glazing is half as effective as double glazing according to many people. However, they can still provide many of the added benefits as mentioned in our dedicated section on secondary glazing.

  • Security

Windows are a home’s weak spot when it comes to security. One of the added byproducts to double glazing is the improved security it gives to your home. By adding two panes of glass the chances of an unauthorised entry are reduced.

There are other options available for enhanced security measures. For example, you can use a safety or laminated glass that includes a built-in layer of resin. This makes it difficult to break but also does not compromise on the clarity of the window.

Why are double glazed windows so popular?

With double glazing, the air cavity traps heat between the two panels of glass. The most common reason people get double glazing is for thermal insulation. When you want insulation above all else, you want low-emissivity windows. This is also known as Low E glass.

If the glass is Low E, it will reflect even more heat back into the house. Having double glazed windows installed with Low E glass also traps the heat generated from the sun better. This will let in the warmer UV rays without losing the majority of the heat at night.

Double glazing is widely used in both old and new houses. It provides the homeowner with many benefits including better insulation, noise reduction and low energy costs. There are many features to consider when looking at installing double glazing with varying styles such as uPVC, wooden and aluminium. There are also many other types of double glazing for specific applications in the home.

These include:

  • Acoustic glass – for reducing noise
  • Safety glass – for use in skylights and bathroom areas
  • Fire glass – for use in fireproofing requirements
  • Security glass – for added safety and security

What is secondary glazing?

Secondary glazing takes the basic principles of double glazing and applies it to homes where replacing the exterior window fitting is not an option, like with heritage listed homes.

By adding a second layer of interior glass you create an air cavity between the two panes. This reduces overall heat loss and noise.

Although secondary glazing is around half as effective as double glazing, it is considerably cheaper. This is because it is easy to install and does not require the strict weatherproofing requirements needed for the outside pane. So secondary glazing costs will be lower than installing brand new double glazing.

Replacing secondary glazed windows is also easy with no speciality tools or knowledge needed.

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